Fuji Course

A unique parkland forest course located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The Front 9 is long and exciting and the Back 9 consists of technical holes requiring good course management with intricate greens.
Although located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, there is only subtle grain on the greens away from Mt. Fuji, so just play to the undulation. Enjoying tee shots directly at the sacred mountain make for an unforgettable experience.

Kagosaka Course

Located at an altitude of 850 to 900 meters above sea level, this 18-hole course was skillfully designed to take advantage of the gentle topography of the Kagosaka Pass.
Lined with mature red pine trees you will enjoy a refined and calm atmosphere for your round. The natural slopes of the mountainside make for a few memorable blind holes, keeping it fun and exciting.
This course has a one green configuration, with exciting and challenging undulated greens including some multiple tiered!